Henry and His Hogs 

    Henry Fudge, the driving force behind Fudge Family Farms, recalls "I was going outside [to raise pigs] as the factory farm industry was going inside. My research showed me that raising pigs outdoors was natural and better for the animals, that they're far healthier when they're on pasture. It's important to respect the animals in your care, and letting them live their lives on pasture shows our respect for the animals by allowing them to express their natural behaviours and live as naturally as possible.”

    By breeding Duroc pigs with Berkshire pigs, Henry Fudge has created a line of hogs that have incredible marbling, tenderness and flavour. “We began in 1971 preserving the old-type, naturally outdoor adapted, Duroc breed of hog and haven’t introduced any outside genetics since the late 1970s,” Fudge explains. “These heritage bloodline Durocs are, to my knowledge, the only ones of their type in existence today.”

    In 2006 Fudge began to locate other small farmers in Alabama and Tennessee to help raise the Heritage Durocs blended with old-type Berkshires. Fudge now has 20 coproducers, most of whom are Amish families. “We never use any antibiotics or added hormones, and feed only plant derived feed. All our animals live outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine with access to forage,” Fudge says. The new mothers are provided an area large enough to turn around and make a nest, just like nature intended. “We believe that healthy, happy hogs make healthy meat,” Fudge says.


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  at 256-652-7440 or fudgeh@bellsouth.net

Chefs / Restaurants

"Henry Fudge’s pork is unlike any other we’ve ever seen. The intramuscular marbling creates the juiciest and most flavorful cuts from head to tail—at Bottega our “porchetta” which includes belly, loin and tenderloin all rolled together and stuffed with herbs and garlic is magical—the flavor is so deep, delicious and profound. Henry’s work with small local farmers who care for their livestock in a respectful and time honored fashion is what Southern, sustainable farming is all about. Thank you Henry!"  

Frank Stitt

Highlands Bar and Grill


Bottega Cafe'

Chez Fonfon, Birmingham, Alabama

“Mr. Fudge’s pigs are unlike any that you find mass-produced in a typical grocery store or wholesale market. By breeding Duroc pigs with Berkshire pigs, Mr. Fudge has created a line of hogs that have incredible marbling, tenderness, and flavor.”

Chris Hastings

Hot and Hot Fish Grill, Birmingham, Alabama

Fudge Family Farms would love to hear from you. We are always looking for Chefs, Businesses, & Farmers who are interested in helping us serve, sell, raise and co-produce our special hogs in a natural way.

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2014 was a great year for us!  We have finally located a trusted supply of non-GMO corn and bean meal. Our hog's performance on it is the best we have seen in years, with healthy coats and fast growth.  The meat quality is the best we have seen in years as well, with fantastic marbling and firm white fat.  The non-GMO ration, combined with our pasture raised, no-antibiotic, no-added hormones protocol is making what we believe to be the healthiest pork produced in America today!